Sash Window Restoration Londonsash window sill restoration London

Sash window restoration London can save big money and headaches if you had replacement in mind. The first real benefit of sash window restoration over replacement is the cost. Normally a sash window restoration London project will save as much as 80% on replacements. A new double glazed sash window made of Hardwood in London is no small coin. The cost is around £2000 from any reputable supplier, and even a smaller outfit with less of a reputation and no Fensa certificate are going to set you in at £1700 and that still leaves the cost of building applications to consider. Then you won’t have an insurance backed guarantee, and all in all that £300 a window isn’t a saving with piece in mind to consider. I mean it’s quite serious entire sash window replacement. Not having a Fensa certificate might result in not being able to exchange on your house! Take a look what happens to a trusting owner in this example that didn’t understand. The only way their property could be sold was with applying through building control to have the new double glazed sash windows approved.

Now with that carry on in mind, sash window refurbishment London makes a lot of sense. If a window merely requires a little sash window repair and an overhaul and draught proof then you can get your windows serviced for an average price in the region of  £400 per window if there’s a run of them. Even windows in extremely poor condition that require extensive wood splicing and sill replacement only cost a little more than this. Take a look at this repair picture before priming and undercoating:

sash window refurbishment London

This required new stiles to the lower sash, frame spliced, and the whole sill needed replacing. This window is almost the maximum extent to which you might beed to repair and this window cost £600 to repair. There is even the option to have a go at mending the sash windows yourself. So even if all your windows were in poor condition like this, then it would still only cost 30% of the price of entire replacement. So with that in mind a draught proofing system and sash window restoration London works out to be extremely good value for money. If we would like to remain completely unbiased then we should mention the benefit of double glazing that would need factored into this price. If a traditional sash window was double glazed and repaired then the average cost would stand you in at around £700 per window. This still saves 65% of the price of new and makes sash window restoration London a no brainer. There’s every chance these repairs will last another twenty to thirty years if decorated and maintained well, so it makes a great deal of sense to look after your original joinery. The fact is we cannot get the quality of wood anymore and it’s likely your original sash window timber is of higher quality than that it is replaced with. This is why after one hundred years windows are only having their first real restoration work carried out. If you’d like to no more about timber quality then you should look at Pine Wood. It’s highly likely this is the material used to construct your sash windows if they are from the Victorian period.

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