We offer professional consulting on all aspects of building, from the humble Pine tree to complete building project solutions. We recently completed a 4 bed swimming pool villa, which is now being extended to 12 bedrooms with a second level, with a view to renting the second level as holiday apartments or for those that do not wish to travel to work. We can oversee complete builds, as well as contract them, and handle the entire process from plan. In the event you are not familiar with planning, we are more than happy to help with the paper side and council as well.

Our project services include:

  • Home building from scratch.
  • Internal upgrades.
  • Home designing.
  • Foundation supports for movement – underpinning.
  • Sash Window Repairs, draught proofing, double glazing existing sash and restoration. We also offer entire replacement.
  • Built in furniture.
  • Custom joinery – staircase, furniture, complicated roof work.
  • French door replacement, repair, restoration.

We are primarily a team of tradesmen with a dozens of years in the field. What I tell everyone is your only as good as your last job. As mentioned our last job was a 4300 square foot custom design. It’s since been expanded by us and we are at roof phase. We anticipate complete within next 3-4 months and will be immediately available for hire after. To take a look at this interesting project please take a look at our case studies page.

If you’d like to know more about our project management skills, how we can save you money, and achieve the sameĀ end result. Then please send us a message today.