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That time always comes when the boiler and central heating becomes inefficient and beyond the point in which we can stand the wasted gas. An efficient boiler can save us a considerable amount of money to the tune of a couple of hundred quid a year. This offers super quick payback then when a good boiler only costs £1500 to install. this isn’t the complete story though because a completely new system including new radiators will set you back about £4000 in a typical home, in most areas of the UK. London surprisingly doesn’t have a premium cost, mainly because of the large volumes bringing economies of scale into the equation.

The most common installation is a Combi these days. Basically this system will heat water only as you require it. There is a great deal more efficiency in simply using the hot water you require. More outdated systems like immersion heaters will heat a whole tank of water, and that’s fine if your actually going to use it. When I say “that’s fine” I don’t really mean it’s good, I mean it’s still going to cost more than a Combi to heat your home, and by a long way!

Normally a new central heating system, installed by a gas engineer with the correct Corgi registration will take in the region of three to four days. This depends entirely on multiple factors, such as how many radiators you have, how easy the access is to make the install as well as the amount of flooring that needs removing and refitting to install the pipework. Three to four days is a pretty safe bet if the engineer has a labourer at hand to help with lifting and moving of heavy objects.

It pays to shop around though. When i quoted £4000 and I said the price is fixed. If you find an installer that needs work then this could be reduced considerably to £3500. For the exact same install a five hundred quid saving is quite significant. This pays for a couple of doors to be draught proofed which will amplify the effects of a new central heating system and the energy you’ll save from it. We know heating the house is one thing, it’s how we keep that heat in that makes all the difference. If we can’t do a decent job of insulating the heat then we might as well be running our old immersion heater!

There is a DIY alternative which I highly recommend if your capable. Running plastic push fit pipe connections is extremely easy. We simply need to run them under the flooring and then use an elbow to come out of the floor at the required in and out positions for the water. Then a simple case of adjust height once the radiator is attached. If you know how to make a circulatory system then this really is a doddle of a job, far easier than double glazing your existing sash windows which I’ve talked about in another blog post, and this certainly a very significant saving.

We simply hang all the radiators ourselves, we then run the plastic push fit pipe work, we then hang the boiler. All that is left is to call a reliable corgi registered fitter to inspect your radiators and then check that the boiler is correctly hung and positioned, then have them hook up all the required gas pipes only. This can save as much as £1000 and in a future post I’ll go into how to do this step by step.


  1. Interesting write up, I had my whole house and ten radiators done for £3200 and I am near London. I think it pays to get a referral or better yet know someone in the trade who can help you do it yourself and even better if they have a corgi ticket as well. Andy

  2. I had a new boiler installed and its cut my bills considerably. I would highly recommend a combi boiler and have a go at installing yourself. Remember always get a Corgi registered engineer to check over the install

    • Thanks for your comments, well noted to look to do some yourself to save costs. Please feel free to send me a DIY guide which I’ll gladly credit you for. Regards Mr Green

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