Pineapple Project Management are an independent operating service bring excellent value and high quality designs and projects to you. We offer full service from plan right through to key in hand solutions. Our major project management experience lay in building new swimming pools, large glazing projects, sash windows, and high end internal designs. We offer bespoke built in furniture as well as a full decorative service. Feel free to browse our site and gain ideas, as well as ask us for advice, we love to hear from potential clients and even hobbyists alike.

In between the mad rush to make money we offer some cool DIY posts on how to save money as well as keep your home super efficient. The difficulty ratings will vary considerably and it is suggest that, as a minimum you’ll need a quality set of hand tools and a drill to carry out the large portion of tips and tricks we reveal to the general public

Our building project management spans 20 years. I started off my career as a general builder then I worked more as a carpenter, and then this allowed me to negotiate and deal with every single trade. As a result the knowledge gained from understanding the complete building invaluable to project management now. Having in depth knowledge of many specialist subjects helps me to bring you the best possible service.

Any tips and tricks we provide will be focused around your home, windows, doors, and roof. This is the main place we can save energy as well as improve aesthetics, and in general make our homes that much more comfortable. We also should consider security too, and since London is a crime hotspot I’ll be talking about how we can workout a good balance between keeping home safe, and making ourselves a prison. No one wants to live to extremes, well most don’t.

Draughty Doors

Doors in period properties become a real nuisance over time. They won’t close properly, locks get stiff, or stop working altogether, and terrible icy draughts make their way around the door even on the more mild winter days. There is however a great number of ways to solve this. When doors will not close properly…

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Pineapple projects work in conjunction with a large number of suppliers and retailers and well as specialists in our field. Our opinions are our options alone and they have been formed through experience and through watching other true professionals as well as our own building experience. We have taken a large amount of information from varying web sources and in particular for sash window repairs, restoration, and double glazing we look to one pioneering company setting the trend in sash window refurbishment and upgrades in London. This in no way conflicts with our own building project management and we welcome the opportunity to show the general public other trades. The list of web resources that we have used content and images is not limited to:

We are grateful for the content and ideas provided as well as images that we are able to use for the benefit of our own business. If we have any information that you would like to be credited for then please do not hesitate to contact us.